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With spring fast approaching, now is a great time to make preparations to start the next chapter of your life with your first property in Victoria BC.


However, there are a number of decisions you must make before you can experience that magical moment of turning the key, opening the door, and stepping into your home as its proud owner.


That's where I come in. As your Victoria REALTOR® and trusted advisor, I want to outline 7 ways we (Real Estate Agents) can help your first home purchase be a fruitful, successful and enjoyable experience. 


Here's How: 

1) As your REALTOR®, I have access to all the listings (properties for sale) on the MLS® (a system that allows us to see and get information on thousands of properties for sale across Victoria and Vancouver Island).


This benefits you because as a home shopper, you have very special and unique needs and desires for your first property.

  • Perhaps you need a specific sized home with a minimum amount of bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Perhaps you prefer a specific home style such as westcoast, heritage arts and crafts, or a specific year such as newly built or pre-1960s.
  • Perhaps you desire certain features. Must have a view, an income suite, or be water front
  • Perhaps your next home needs to be located near your job or your child's school.

I am able to give you a customized list of homes that fit any combination of those needs (just ask me). The list I provide you is dynamic. As soon as a new home that meets your buying criteria appears on the market -- you get an instant email.


You will be first to know.


That's just one service I -- as your real estate agent -- will provide you.


2) As your REALTOR®, I will also help you meet with a mortgage broker who can advise you on all your financial options and offer you helpful advice that will help you pay just enough for the perfect property -- and not a penny more.


3) Here's an often-underemphasized benefit of hiring a real estate agent; we have no emotional ties to a property. By working with an agent, you benefit from having an impartial judge. 


You can trust your agent to objectively point out the merits of one home over another. This benefits you because it's easy to get emotionally attached to a property and feel as though you must have it at any cost. But as your trusted advisor, it's my responsibility to make sure the property fits all of your needs that we agreed upon before we start looking for homes.


4) A Victoria Real Estate Agent is a Neighbourhood Expert. If you are an out-of-town buyer, coming from another province or even another country; I am knowledgeable on all of Victoria's wonderful areas and am able to help you find the perfect match for your lifestyle.


5) A REALTOR® will also have the latest information regarding zoning changes, utility costs, taxes, schools, and recreation services that could affect your decision to buy in a specific area. I am here to guide you to the perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood using the latest information to help you make the best decision.


6) A REALTOR® will help you negotiate the terms of your purchase. After we've found the perfect property that meets all your needs and you decide to make an offer -- that is the time to represent your interests and help you succeed. I'll present the offer, handle counter offers, and in general, work to reduce your stress as much as possible during this stressful process.

7) Lastly, I will do the paperwork, step by step.


As you now see, a REALTOR®'s knowledge, guidance, skill and experience is essential to your success as a first-time home buyer. Talk to me today to make your real estate journey a pleasant and rewarding one for you, and all involved.


Warm Regards,


Cielle McGuire

RE/MAX Alliance

(778) 678-1167





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