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Here’s a scenario that likely happens to you every once in a while: You’re at work, at a house party, or just walking through the neighbourhood when someone asks, “Do you happen to know a good...?” You can fill in the blanks: A good dentist; A good landscaper; A good accountant.

How do you respond? You probably want to help, so you provide the names of one or two professionals in that industry that you know or with whom you have worked. You understand how difficult it can be to find a solid, reputable professional, so you’re happy to give the gift of a referral.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, the next time you’re asked to recommend a good real estate agent, I hope you’ll feel comfortable giving that person my name. As you may know, I build my business on referrals from clients like you. That’s why taking care of my valued clients — before, during and after the transaction — is so important to me.

So if you get a chance to do someone a favour and give them my name, you’ll have my appreciation — and my thanks!

All the best!


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