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The more this industry relies on technology and statistics, the more important it is to be vigilant about sorting through real estate facts and trends that are truly relevant. In today’s market, a well-chosen real estate agent becomes invaluable. With an agent you can trust, you gain the business experience and the industry education of a professional working for you. Not only will you benefit from insights into pricing and perceived value, you will also have a good source for advice on real estate issues that matter to you – from renovating and decor to laws, bylaws and more. Perhaps the biggest benefits come from an agent’s “soft skills”. The art of negotiating (which includes knowing when to say “no”) can prove to be particularly important. Guided by a professional code of ethics, your real estate agent can remove obstacles, real or perceived, and filter out “lost cause” inquiries. The ultimate prize for a Realtor who does a good job? Receiving your referral, of course! 


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