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Thinking About Selling?

Discover how you can go from thinking about selling to actually handing over the keys -- feeling completely satisfied with the result.

Cielle's experience, local neighbourhood knowledge, and her home marketing plan will provide you with the confidence you need when selling in the current Victoria real estate market.

Your Home Is In Victoria, Your Buyer May Not Be

While most agents choose to rely solely on postcards, personal contacts, and the MLS® to sell homes, Cielle adopts a broader perspective. In addition to using traditional techniques, she also provides her clients with the tools to compete on the global stage.

Cielle leverages advanced social media marketing techniques that are designed to expose your property to the maximum amount of potential buyers as often as possible. When you sell with Cielle, rest assured that your property will reach targeted local, national, and international buyers.

Smart Pricing: The Art of Attracting Offers

Never forget, no matter how aggressive the marketing or stellar the client service, if you price your property outside of the market, you will struggle to sell. Homes that linger on the market for months at a time often receive insulting low offers, that is, if they aren’t totally ignored by buyers.

Cielle helps her clients price strategically. She has a system that is not based on guesswork or greed -- only hard market facts. She helps sellers understand that pricing is not a number, but a range. The difference is subtle but powerful. Cielle’s pricing strategy frees clients from feeling chained to a certain number and aligns their focus towards attracting as many competitive offers as possible, as fast as possible.

Have you ever witnessed an auction? Ever pondered why some items do well and some do not? It’s not always about the item, but rather the determination of other bidders to own the item. Ask Cielle about her price strategies that are designed to entice buyers to compete for the privilage to own your home. 

First-Class Client Care

Far too often homeowners feel marginalized or even neglected during the home selling process. Sadly, their questions go unanswered and their concerns are left unaddressed.

Service matters! When you sell with Cielle, your concerns become her priority! When her warm and welcoming approach combines with her staging ability, aggressive home marketing plan, and top-dollar pricing strategies, you're on your way towards your real estate destination. Click the button below to get started on your real estate journey and read the 158 things Cielle does to help her clients achieve a successful sale.

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